Save the PR Bee

The Save the PR Bee program is a family beekeeping education program. This program has been launched with funds granted by The Bee Cause Project and Whole Kids Foundation through a fiscal sponsorship by Raíces Cultural Center.

Educational lessons and hands-on activities will be led by TaínaSoy co-founder and director, and the Save the PR Bee program bee advocate Noemi Chaparro, and supplemented by guest instructors, other local bee keepers and related field trips. In addition to basic beekeeping and honeybee life cycle education, participants will have hands on interactions with the hive and will also create projects to educate the surrounding community about the importance of bees and other pollinators.

Outdoor hives are located throughout the apiary’s 3 acres and participating children will take part in hands-on interaction with the hives, including placement of new hives as additional swarms are rescued by the apiary’s bee mentor, resident beekeeper, and co-founder of TaínaSoy, Carlos Chaparro, throughout the course of the program. Interactive activities and lessons will include topics such as:

  • Life cycle of the honeybees
  • Bee safety
  • The importance of pollinators in the natural ecosystem and agricultural systems
  • Bee box construction (Langstroth)
  • Care of bee boxes and hives and hive checkups
  • Planting for pollinators
  • Creation of educational materials like posters and pamphlets by participants on importance of bees to share in the community
  • The specific importance of the Puerto Rican honeybee to the recovery of the island of Puerto Rico
  • Pollinator protection
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